Jon Bowermaster Kayaking African Coast

Explorer Jon Bowermaster, who recently kayaked Antarctica to record the impact of global climate change, is back on the water again, but this time in warmer climes.

Jon and his team are now off to Africa where they’ll be paddling the North-West coast of that continent, where for two weeks they’ll be exploring small islands, visiting remote locations, including Gambia and Senegal, two of the smallest countries on the continent, and exploring two issues that are haunting Africa, namely overfishing and desertification.

You can read Jon’s introduction to their trip here and then catch up with the rest of his dispatches starting here. There is even a resources page. with maps and news from the region.

I can think of worse ways to explore the planet than from the cockpit of a kayak. Jon has been doing some great work while doing just that, as part of his Oceans8 expeditions, which always set out for remote and exotic places, with the best intentions in mind. Exploration for the good of the planet.

Kraig Becker

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  1. I agree with both of you. Great way to explore and Bowermaster gets to do it for a good cause as well.

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