Lisa Smith-Batchen Begins Her 810 Mile Journey

lisa left side flipped
A month or so back I posted about Lisa Smith-Batchen, an endurance athlete who was training for 810 miles of suffering in Death Valley to raise funds and awareness for children in Africa who are orphaned due to the aids epidemic there.

Lisa outlines her plans here, where you’ll discover that she intends to run 160 miles from Las Vegas to reach the start of the Badwater Ultra which is another 135 miles in length, and winds it’s way through Death Valley and up Mt. Whitney. Most runners of the Badwater end at the Mt. Whitney Portals, but Lisa will continue all the way to the summit before she is done.

Later this year, she’ll return to Death Valley to take part in the Furnace Creek 508, a long distance bike ride that once again subjects the athletes involved to the grueling heat and dry conditions of the region, as they race, you guessed it, 508 miles across the desert.

Earlier this week I had an e-mail from Lisa, right before she set off for Vegas. She’s in good spirits, good health, and eager to get started. By now, she’s probably out on the road and making her way towards Death Valley, and the start of the Badwater, which begins on July 14th. The race is challenging enough for anyone who enters, but someone having already gone 160 miles before it starts is even more amazing. Of course, I’m sure this is a piece of cake for Lisa, who did a “Double Badwater” last year.

To donate to Lisa’s cause point your browsers here.

Kraig Becker

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