Lisa Smith-Batchen Completes The Badwater

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Lisa Smith-Batchen has completed the Badwater UltraMarathon, in a time of 47 hours and 17 minutes, which earns her the coveted “Badwater Buckle” for completing the race in under 48 hours, but more importantly, she has not finished the first phase of her “Lisa’s 810” challenge.

As I’ve posted before, Lisa’s 810 is the ultra-runner’s goal of raising fund and awareness for the plight of children in Africa who have become orphans due to the aids epidemic on that continent. In the first stage of the 810, Lisa ran from Las Vegas, NV to Badwater in Death Valley, covering nearly 160 miles. Once there, she transitioned directly into Stage 2, which was running the Badwater itself, which is another 135 miles. Not content to stop at the Mt. Whitney Portals, like everyone else in the Badwater, she chose to 10 miles to the summit of Mt. Whitney itself. When she was done running, she had covered more than 300 miles in the process.

The third, and final, stage of Lisa’s 810 will be in October, when she’ll once again return to Death Valley to ride in the Furnace Creek 508, a long distance bike race through the lowest, and hottest, place in the Western Hemisphere.

When she’s all done, Lisa hopes to have raised $500,000 for the Aid’s Oprphans Rising fund, and she is reportedly half-way to her goal. To contribute to the cause, click here, and to read more about Lisa’s efforts, as well as her thoughts on the Badwater Ultra, check out her personal blog here.

Kraig Becker

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