More Primal Quest Coverage and Photos

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Craig Stein, a professional photographer and writer that I met last month in Montana at Primal Quest, has put together an excellent page of stories from the event, some of which were published on the PQ site during the race, and a great slideshow of some of his photos as well. You can check everything out at his website found here..

The main part of his page on PQ has blog style stories about the race and an interview wit Don Mann conducted shortly there after that discusses possible locations for next year. Craig also has an interview up with Tim Powell, who was directing the television coverage for Primal Quest, in which they talk about the complexities of shooting such an event, as well as Tim and his crew’s experiences covering adventure sports. That article can be found on the main page, or by clicking here.

The highlight for me however, was Craig’s awesome “Best of Primal Quest Montan” slideshow. Not only does he show off his great work as a photographer, he managed to catch the essence of the race so well too. If you like what you see there, be sure to head over to his home page to check out even more of his work.

Kraig Becker

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