Planet Fear Gets A Make Over

planetfear logo
Planet Fear has updated it’s home page, with a new look, more content, and a focus on building an online adventure community. The site, which has mainly been a retail portal in the past, was purchased a few months back, and now maintains the ability to buy and sell outdoor gear, in the U.K. at least, but seems to have shifted it’s focus towards more content and reader interaction.

The front page, which now bears the moniker “The Leading Adventure Sports Resource” now has a Flash interface with some photos to coincide with the latest articles and offers quick links to their news section, forums, blogs, gear shop, and more.

While personally, I think the Flash interface is a bit overdone these days, with many websites using the concept, I must say do like the new design and layout, and the increased focus on content is a welcome one. For instance, there are a couple of articles of interest already, like this one on the toughest trek in Italy, or the article on mountain biking in Scotland, and this article on bouldering in Rocklands, an amazing climbing destination in South Africa.

All in all, the relaunched site looks good, and should be a great resource for future adventure articles.

Kraig Becker

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