Racer Dies In New York City Triathlon

Yesterday I posted about the tragic death of an adventure racer from over the weekend, and now comes word that a competitor in the New York City Triathlon has also passed away during the competition.

According to this story, over at the New York Times website, Estaban Neiva of Buenos Aires, Argentina was found floating in the East River and was pulled from the water during the 1500 meter swim that begins the race. Other competitors signaled nearby support boats, who attempted to render aid, while rushing him to shore. It is estimated that it took roughly 15 minutes to get him into an ambulance from the time that he was found, but at this point no one is sure how long he had been in the water, and it had been more than a half-hour since other racers had left the vicinity for the 40 km bike ride that was the next stage.

It’s another sad and tragic story of an athlete dying while in an endurance competition. My thoughts are with his friends and family.

Thanks to the Outside Blog for this one.

Kraig Becker

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