Registration Now Open For The Blackwater E&E!

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Registration is now open for the Blackwater Escape and Evasion Adventure Race scheduled to take place in Moyock, North Carolina on November 7th and 8th. The Blackwater E&E will be a 24-hour adventure race in which teams of 2 will compete in the usual adventure racing disciplines of trekking, mountain biking, and paddling, with a few surprises mixed in as well.

This race is the result of a collaboration between Blackwater Extreme Racing and Don Mann Productions, and promises to be unlike any other adventure race out there. The teams will be racing on and around the infamous Blackwater compound and will face challenges that could only be devised by team and Blackwater and the minds behind Primal Quest.

You can find out much more about this event at Besides having a complete list of the rules, and the mandatory gear list, you’ll also find information on accommodations in North Carolina, and directions to the race.

Registration is open now, so don’t get left out.

And yes, it is THAT Blackwater, and yes I’m working as Media Director for this race as well. 😉

Kraig Becker

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