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It’s been awhile since I posted an update on Roz Savage, who is in the middle of the first leg of her solo, unsupported row across the Pacific. We’ve now reached day 67 of her journey, and she continues to make slow, but steady progress towards Hawaii, her destination for this first leg of the trip. Looking at her latest tracking data, she appears to be roughly a little more than halfway to her first stop.

Roz’s daily blog gives some insight into what it’s like on a journey of this length. Her blog entries range from discussing the mundane aspects of day to day life on her relatively small boat, to things she misses (and likes) while being away from home. Today’s entry is a bit about her mum, and the support she has shown Roz over the past few years, as she prepared for this row (including one failed attempt last year) and her solo row across the Atlantic.

Once she reaches Hawaii, which looks to be sometime in the next month or so, Roz will come home and take a bit of a break before beginning her next leg, which will get underway in 2009, resuming from Hawaii and ending in Tuvalu, a remote Pacific island. That stage will cover approximately 2620 miles. Finally, in 2010, she’ll hit the water one final time, leaving from Tuvalu and making way her way to Australia, for an additional 2324 miles of rowing.

So far it seems like things are going well for Roz for the most part. She’s coping with being alone on the water, something that has been troublesome for her in the past, and her iPod full of audio books seems to have been good company thus far. Hopefully everything will continue to run smoothly and she’ll reach Hawaii on schedule, with herself, and her boat intact.

Photo courtesy of Roz herself.

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