The Wall Street Journal on Primal Quest

The Wall Street Journal has posted a nice article on Primal Quest Montana today that includes some great video and phtos from the race. Check it out here.

The article focuses on Team Active Racing who hast he unique distinction of being a mother-daughter team. Kathy Roche-Wallace is the captain of the team, and her daughter Melissa Hughes is one of the racers on the four person squad. They are also joined by Kathy’s husband Eric Wallace, making it quite the family affair. The fourth member of the team, Scott Campau, rounds out the foursome.

The article does a really nice job of explaining the race and giving a very personal feel to what it’s like for one of the teams back in the pack. You often hear about the Team Nike‘s and Team Merrell‘s of the adventure racing world, but rarely does a team like this one get the spotlight. It makes for quite a compelling read.

Of course, being a part of the event, and helping to facilitate this article, I was excited to see it finally in print this morning. The author of the story, Alexandra Alter, was great to work with in Montana, and afterwards as well, and she has written an article that will be of interest to long time fans of the sport as well as those discovering it for the first time.

Kraig Becker

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