5-Year-Old Hikes and Climbs

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Moving away from K2 for a bit, I think it’s time for a bit more of a fun, heart warming story. This one comes by way of the ABC News website, where they’ve posted an article on 5-year-old Yunona Bukasov who, even at her young age, has already shown the strength and determination to be a great hiker and mountaineer.

In a little over a year, Yunona has already hiked in 21 national parks, and has climbed Mt. Whitney, which stands 14,496 feet in height. She’s also gone up Mount Pfeiferhorn in Utah, which is 11,750 feet, as well as Mount Timpanogos, and even Mount Olympus in Greece, both over 9000 feet in height. She’s even trekked on Mt. Elbrus in Russia, although that summit has eluded her so far.

Her parents, who are PhD students at the University of Utah, encourage her hiking and climbing, but say they keep a close eye on her, and keep things in check if she starts to reach her limits. They say that for the most part she loves their outdoor adventures, but admit that she doesn’t enjoy hiking in the dark much. Yunona has a younger sister who is three years old, who is also beginning to join in on the fun.

If the article doesn’t put a bit of a smile on your face, then the image included with this article probably will. Something to lighten the mood around here. Thanks to the fine bloggers over at Backpacker.com for the link!

Kraig Becker

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