Appalachian Assault: Karl’s Off and Running!

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It seems like I’ve been counting down to the Appalachian Assault for weeks, but now it’s finally here. Karl hit the trail this morning at 7:18 AM, and is now off and running on his speed attempt on the Appalachian Trail., the official site for this madness, is already updating with news from the trail as Karl warms up with a light 41 mile run today, which is expected to take him about ten and a half hours. There also plenty of images from the start and regular blog posts on his progress. Karl’s SPOT Messenger is also performing admirably, charing his progress nicely and integrated into a Google Map right on the home page.

For those that haven’t read about the Appalachian Assault, it is endurance athlete Karl Meltzer’s attempt to complete the entire length of the AT in just 47 days. That’s 2174 miles of very challenging backcountry terrain to cover in a relatively short time. In fact, he’ll have to average 46+ miles per day to actually reach his goal.

Be sure to drop in regularly over the next month an a half to see what Karl is up to. I personally want to wish him luck. I think this seems like a great project, even if there is no way in hell I could keep up. 🙂

Kraig Becker

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