Appalachian Assault Update: Racing The Schedule

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It’s been about ten days since Karl set out on his Appalachian Assault, an attempt to run the length of the Appalachian Trail in just 47 days. That 2,174 miles across challenging terrain with major vertical climbs and drops along the way as well. The hope is that he’ll average roughly 46 miles a day and set a new speed record in the process.

So, how’s it going so far? Well, not too bad, although it does seem that Karl’s falling behind his self imposed schedule a bit. For instance, if you check out today’s results, you see that he should have completed 499 miles by the end of today, and his “actual” mileage so far is 373. It’s likely they haven’t uploaded todays data yet, as he’s probably still on the trail running, so if you add in the expected 55 miles for today, that puts him at a respectable 428 miles completed thus far. Unfortunately, that’s still 71 miles behind what he had expected.

Karl’s team continues to make daily blog updates at, keep us updated on his condition and location at all times. You can also track him on the trail, as he’s using a SPOT Satellite Messenger to show is location at all times. The photo galleries have also been updated with new photos from much of the run as well, which help in giving us an idea of the conditions that Karl is contending with out on the trail.

There is still a long way to go on this speed attempt, and hopefully Karl can make up for the lost time and mileage further along. He’s done an incredible job so far, and anyone would be hard pressed to have knocked off 400+ miles in 11 days. But I know he wants the speed record, and to do that he’ll have to make up the difference. If anyone can do it though, I suspect it’s Karl, who is an amazing endurance athlete.

Kraig Becker

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  1. -5:40 roundtrip, appears official
    -see posted-comments under Tribune blog
    -Still unconfirmed time though
    -Whittaker 5:20 ascent, 7:20 roundtrip
    -Howitt 5:02 ascent no roundtrip
    -Lhakpa Gelu appears 4:15 ascent, 5:40 roundtrip.

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