Bull of Africa Underway

bull logo s 1
The Bull of Africa adventure race got underway over the weekend, with 42 teams of four from around the globe competing across a 567 km course. The race is expected to last until Saturday, as the teams run, paddle, and mountain bike their way through a remote section of the Easter Cape province of South Africa.

The Official Site has been getting race updates on a regular bases since the start, and currently Teams USN, Cyanosis and McCain are battling for the top spot. There are also some great photos from the field and information on the teams and course itself. You’ll be able to get updates on Checkpoint Zero and SleepMonsters as well, as the race continues to progress. You can also track your favorite teams at SportsTrack.net.

So far it appears that this has been a very spirited and competitive race. Obviously there are still several days to go, but the lead teams are pushing each other, and there are a number of strong racers further back in the pack. Last week I sent out well wishes to Dave Poleto and his team, and I wanted to send similar wishes to Frank Ledwell from JPFreek.com, whom I’m told is also competing in the Bull this year. Race well and race safe guys.


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