Car Free Adventures

Forbes Traveler has another good article up today that puts an emphasis on car free vacations. That is to say, great trips that you can take that don’t involve travel by automobile.

The options for travel without car are actually larger than you would expect at first glance. For instance, you can travel by train, with the option for personal cars if you can afford it. There can be no better way to see the beautiful Western United States or Canada, than by rail.

Looking for something a bit more active, than consider the options for a cycling tour. Forbes recommends cycling through Umbria or Northern Argentina for unforgettable experiences, or to get off road, head to Slovenia. It’s been my experience that there are great cycling tours all over the world now, giving riders a chance to test their road skills as well as their mountain biking techniques.

Of course, you can also travel by boat, with a plethora of options from all corners of the globe as well. Forbes highlights traveling the rivers and canals of various parts of Europe, and of course there are more options for cruises than you can shake a stick at. While very few cruises appeal to me personally, I have to say that I did have a wonderful time on a Nile Cruise a few years back. I definitely recommend that if you get the opportunity.

Some times, as travelers, we get stuck in a certain mode or mindset when it comes to travel, so an article like this one can help stimulate some ideas on how to travel differently and see a place from a different angle. The thought of a cycling tour sounds wonderful to me, and I’ve mentioned before how great a classic train ride would be too. Forbes tends to suggest trips that are a bit outside most of our price ranges, but they certainly are great at offering up alternative ideas.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Car Free Adventures”

  1. I have not owned a motor vehicle in 11yrs. The easiest “adventure” is Glacier / Waterton National Parks.

    Get there by train. And public transport is very easy.

  2. “Car Culture” is so ingrained in us, that we sometimes forget that there are other means of transportation. Especially here in the U.S. The price of oil is teaching us all how to think about those other modes of getting around though.

    It’s about time!

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