Chasing The Yeti

Tech site Gizmodo is reporting that a team of Japanese explorers are headed to the Himalaya to stalk the fabled Yeti, and this time they’re taking some high tech gear along to help.

“Yeti hunter” Yoshiteru Takahashi and six others, will be setting off for Dhaulagiri, the seventh highest mountain in the world, where they’ll spend the next two months setting up a sophisticated array of motion tracking cameras in an attempt to capture the elusive abominable snowman on camera.

This will beh Takahasi’s third trip to the region to search for the creature he claims to have seen back in 1971, when he first visited the mountain. He also claims to have seen the Yeti again in 2003 on Dhaula’s South East ridge. You can find out more about the expedition, at their official website (if you speak Japanese) or at Pink Tentacle. (Yeah, I have no idea either!) Personally, I think the “expedition” is just an excuse to go hang out in the mountains for a few weeks. 😉

Perhaps they should join forces with these guys, who will be unveiling their Big Foot corpse tomorrow. Didn’t we get a new X-Files movie just a few weeks back? Coincidence?

Kraig Becker

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