Hikers On Mt. Cook Rescued!

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A quick update today on those hikers caught in the storm on Mt. Cook that I mentioned yesterday. Jo Adams, who first alerted me to this story, posted another article this morning, with the word that all six of the Australians on the mountain were successfully evacuated from the mountain.

The two women and four men are said to be in good condition, despite their ordeal, and spirits are said to be high. They are still being examined by medical staff, but it seems they weathered the storm just fine. The entire group was pulled off the Metelille Glacier by helicopter earlier today when the search and rescue teams finally got a break in the weather.

Finally, some good news out of the mountains. With the recent happenings on K2, it’s nice to see a successful rescue and a happy ending. With any luck, these six will be enjoying a fine meal and a couple of brews in the lodge tonight.

Thanks for the update Jo!

Kraig Becker

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