Images of Bonnington atop Scafell Pike

bonington 6, the site that first broke the story of Sir Chris Bonnington climbing England’s Scafell Pike to commemorate the Olympic Handover, has posted a follow up story with some nice images of the legendary mountaineer at the top of the mountain, with a few close friends.

As I noted last week, with the Beijing Olympics coming to a close yesterday, and the 2012 games slated to be held in London, there was a ceremonial passing of the flag to the U.K., officially beginning the countdown to their big event in four years time. As part of that process, Bonnington, who is amongst the greatest living mountaineers in the world, climbed to the top of Scafell Pike, England’s highest mountain at 3,209 feet in height.

During the event yesterday, Bonnington said that he thinks mountaineering could be an Olympic event, noting the popularity of sport climbing, and how it could be a compelling spectator sport if done properly. Considering that the host country always has some leeway on which demonstration sports it allows at their games, perhaps we’ll see Sir Chris pushing hard for this.

At age 74, Bonnington isn’t slowing down any, continuing to rock climb regularly, and with a couple of big treks planned for next year, he doesn’t plan to anytime soon. Head over to Grough to check out the story, read more about the man, and his thoughts on a variety of topics.

Thanks to Bob over at Grough for posting about their updated story.

Kraig Becker