K2 Summit Pushes This Week?!?

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It seems that not everyone has given up on summitting K2 this year, despite the tragedy that stuck that mountain just a few weeks back. According to a post on Everest News yesterday, it appears the remaining climbers on the mountain will begin their summit push soon, possibly topping out this coming weekend.

The post simply reads:

08/19 The K2 Summit PUSH IS ON AGAIN! Expect attempts this weekend…

and offers no further information. Typically these posts link to a story with more details, but not in this case. However, judging from previous posts on K2, it would seem that the team that is still on the mountain belongs to the Sunny Mountain Guides, as they have been making dispatches to Everest News as recently as Monday.

If SMG is still considering a summit push, I wish them the best of luck. Hopefully they’ll find safer conditions on the mountain that were there just three weeks ago. It has to be unnerving heading back up the Bottleneck with the recent disaster looming over the entire mountain. Lets keep our fingers crossed that if they are going up, they reach the top safely and make it back down in once piece. I don’t really want to see K2 claim any more lives this year.

Kraig Becker

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