Karakorum 2008: K2 Update

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More news from the Karakorum this morning.

First, ExWeb is reporting that Wilco Van Rooijen, the leader of the Norit Team, has been found alive and is currently in Camp 3. He was found yesterday between C3 and C4 trying to make his way down the mountain. He is said to be suffering from severe frostbite, after spending three days in the Death Zone.

Everest News also has some news on the ongoing crisis this morning with reports of 11 dead or missing on K2. Reports are still very sketchy, as rescue operations are ongoing, but the report they received is as follows:

Dead : 2 Pakaistani Porters, Serb climber DREN MANDIC, and Norwegian Rolf Bae (his family wishes further information and details not be reported on him), two Nepalese, three Koreans, names of the 3 Nepalese and Koreans have not be released. Source of the Koreans and Nepalese deaths include Ghulam Mohammed, owner of the Blue Sky Treks and Tour. (That would total nine.)

Summary of Jamine Tours Expeditions:: Gerard McDonnel Irish, He is still missing. But others have shown up…

More will follow as the news becomes more clear.

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “Karakorum 2008: K2 Update”

  1. I was just watching my local news this morning (from Sacramento, Ca) and was surprised to see information on this tragedy on the ticker across the bottom my screen. I’ve been away for a couple days so I hadn’t heard anything yet- what a truly sad bit of news.

  2. It’s sad that the only time the general public hear anything about climbing, in general, is when there are tragedies like these.

  3. A Korean climber returned to advanced camp and told the news: First the serac collapsed, taking out the fixed ropes up in the bottleneck. As stranded climbers were figuring out how they would descend, an avalanche came through and swept away seven climbers who bivouaced in the area. The climber who was there said they all died. If so, this brings number of those who lost their lives to nine. More are missing.

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