Karakorum 2008: Pakistan Releases The Names

The list of confirmed dead that I linked to earlier today from Everest News, has now been confirmed to have come from the Pakistani Ministry of Tourism by multiple sources. Here are the names of those who have perished in the past few days on K2:

1. Mr. Kim Hyo – Gyeong Korean
2. Mr. Park Kyeong – Hyo Koream
3. Mr. Hwang Dong – Jin Korean
4. Mr. Jumic Bhote Napali
5. Mr. Pasang Bhote Napali
6. Mr. Jehan Baig Pakistan HP
7. Mr. Meherban Karim Pakistani HP
8. Mr. D’aubarede Hugues Jean – Louis Marie French
9. Mr. Gerard McDonnell Irish
10. Mr. Dren Mandic Serbian
11 Mr. Rolf Bae Norwegian

Some of these we already knew, while others have become official for the first time. The entire mountaineering community grieves today with the friends and families of these brave souls.

Both CNN and the BBC have posted updated stories on the K2 tragedy as well. You can find the CNN.com story here, and the BBC story here.

Kraig Becker

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