Pole To Pole: Magnetic North to Magnetic South

In todays edition of Adventure In 60 Seconds, a regular feature at the National Geographic Adventure Blog , the mention that two young British explorers, Rob Hooper and James Gauntlett, have recently sailed into Sydney, Australia, completing their 26,000 mile, 395 day journey from the Magnetic North Pole to the Magnetic South. ThePoles.com has also covered the expedition as well.

Along the course of their journey, Rob and James had to, at varying times, employ the use of sledges, bicycles, and sailboats. The used the sledges in the polar regions, traded them in for bikes when traveling through warmer climes, and then transitioned to the ship when out on the open water. Their journey brought them plenty of challenges, as Adventure notes, they faced “a fall through the ice, king-sized storms, and a capsized boat” along the way.

Check out the expedition’s official website, which is extremely well done and offers all kinds of information about the trip. The slick interface alone is worth the trip over, but you’ll also find a well done, interactive map, a blog of the journey, information on the team, and a whole lot more. Seriously, this site should be the model for all expedition websites. Really great stuff.

Congrats to Rob and James for completing their journey. Well done guys. Now enjoy a much deserved rest.

Kraig Becker

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