Race Report: The Patagonia Expedition Adventure Race

PlanetFear has posted an excellent race report from the 2008 Patagonia Expedition Adventure Race, accompanied by some really great photos taken by author Nathan Ward.

The hallmark of a great adventure race report is that it not only gives you the statistics of the race, who won, where teams placed, and so on, but it also sets the mood of the race as well. This story does all of that and then some, offering up descriptive prose describing the Patagonian landscapes in ways that will have your imagination running wild. If that’s not the only thing that it gets running wild however, there are also some tips for preparing for the 2009 race, if you are inspired enough to join these adventurous teams.

Patagonia is one of those far flung, remote places, that automatically evokes a sense of adventure. It has a little of everything, including snow capped peaks, frigid mountain lakes, and wide open vistas. It’s unpredictable weather is legendary and it has long been a haven for climbers and trekkers alike. It seems the perfect setting for an adventure race, and while this is an event that doesn’t always get tons of attention, one look at the photos with this article, and you’ll understand why the place is a beacon of adventure. Great stuff!

Kraig Becker

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