The Rest of Everest: Episode 91

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A new episode of The Rest of Everest was released last night continuing the journey through Tibet and Nepal, with Jon Miller and Scott Jacobs.

WIth Everest Base Camp behind us, Jon and Scott turn their sites on returning home. The title of this week’s episode is Episode 91: Out of the Clouds, Into the Heat refers to the fact that after moving away from the mountains, the weather begins to change, with temperatures getting warmer and humidity returning to the air.

This episode is highlighted by some amazing video shots along a narrow Tibetan road down into a stunning valley with incredible views. I loved the shots of the waterfalls plunging down the the sides of the mountains, and the thick mist hanging in the air. It’s those kinds of views that really inspire me to want to go visit a place.

Soon, the guys are at the border of Tibet, and making their way across the Friendship Bridge and back into Nepal. It’s instantly clear that you’ve crossed over into a different country. Even from the video it’s evident that Nepal is a more bustling and busy country with different attitudes and energy.

The trip is drawing to a close at this point, but there is still more to be seen in Nepal and Kathmandu in particular. We still have a few more episodes to go before moving on to other adventures, so enjoy the next few podcasts. This has been as close as you can get to Nepal and Tibet without actually going yourself.

Kraig Becker

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