RiverGuide App for iPhone

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For many of us, the iPhone was a great device last year when it was released, but over the months, Apple has continued to update it on a regular basis, adding new features and steadily improving the device. The biggest update came last month when the iPhone 2.0 software was released allowing the little gadget to run programs for the first time. Apple also launched the “App Store” in iTunes to offer access to the hundreds of applications that were soon released.

The quality of the applications varies greatly, and they range in price from the ever popular “Free” to $999. (Yes, someone is actually trying to charge that much) Most of the apps cost just a few bucks however, and there have already been some really great programs released.

Take for example RiverGuide, a very cool application that is sure to appeal to the paddlers amongst us. The software costs just $1.99, but it offers up to the minute updates on river conditions throughout the U.S. With a very intuitive interface, the information is very easy to navigate and find stream flows for any region in the country. RiverGuide displays the time and date that the streamflow information was recorded, how fast the water if flowin in cubic feet per second (cfs) , and a wave icon signifies high, medium or low relative water levels. If that wasn’t enough, there is also a built in news reader, offering up the latest kayaking news, including updates from competitions, and other items of interest to the wired kayaker.

If you’re an iPhone owner and a kayaker, this looks like a must have application. For $2 you can get the latest river conditions on the go, and know before you arrive at the river what you can expect. Definitely a handy tool. Check out the Official Website for more information.

Kraig Becker