South African Adventure Racing Team Prepares For Abu Dhabi

A hand picked team of South African adventure racers have joined forces and have begun training for the second annual Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge scheduled to take place December 12th – 17th.

Back in June, Lisa de Speville, owner, editor, and Queen of Adventure over at, South Africa’s premiere adventure racing website, announced that she was looking to build a team to compete in Abu Dhabi. Members of the AR community were invited to fill out an online form and questionnaire, and their answers were used to select the other three members of the team. You can read all about the selection process in this press release, where it is also revealed that Lauren Greeff of Johannesburg, Garth Pienke from East London, and Christiaan Greyling of Pretoria will join forces Lisa, also from Johannesburg.

When searching for a team, the press release reveals, it was important to look for chemistry and compatibility. Anyone who has ever been in an adventure race, knows that those elements are often what separates teams in the field. The questions given to the applicants were designed to help determine who would work well with one another. In the end, there were 36 applicants, including 9 women, and these racers were selected from that pool.

Lisa is best known for her excellent work in writing about races, and has covered events for both SleepMonsters and Checkpoint Zero. She recently covered the Bull of Africa which took place in her home country just a few weeks back. You can also read her insightful blog at This will be her first chance to actually compete in a race outside of South Africa however, and I’m sure she’s very excited at the prospect.

Good luck Team SA! I’ll be following your progress and cheering you on in Abu Dhabi!

Kraig Becker

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