Awesome Animal Adventures!

Forbes Traveler is back with yet another list of adventure travel ideas. This time the theme is Awesome Animal Adventures , which of course means that each of these trips will involve animals in some way.

Amongst their suggestions for critter-centric travel, is Camel Trekking in Africa which will see you off into the sahara, amongst other places, on the “Ship of the Desert”. They even note that there is a camel trek in Northern Kenya that last 14 days! Wow!

If managing a cantankerous camel doesn’t sound to your liking, then perhaps an Elephant Trek in India would be more your style, where you can visit nature preserves for day long excursions. Better yet, stick with the pachyderms, but switch continents, and experience Africa from the back of an elephant instead.

Want a more typical mount for your journey? Then perhaps horseback riding in Patagonia or Kenya is more your style. At least with a horse, it’s not so far to the ground, and you can relive those childhood dreams of running off to become a cowboy.

There are plenty of other animal adventures to choose from as well. Lots of great stuff. I can tell you that I once rode a camel in the sahara, and it was quite an experience. The scariest part was the came getting up and kneeling down to let you off. It didn’t help that the bedouin saddle that I was in was unlike anything else I’d ever seen, but if was well worth it. Not sure I could handle 14 days with the beast though.

Kraig Becker

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  1. There are definitely a lot of cool trips on that list. I’d love to go on just about any of them.

    If you haven’t had the chance, you should make sure you go on a safari. My Tanzanian safari was awesome.

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