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A day after the will he or wont he breaking news of Lance Armstrong possibly returning to cycling, comes this story from Men’s Journal magazine, an in depth profile of the man himself.

Entitled Citizen Lance, the article takes a good, hard look at a man who has become an industry unto himself. He’s a busy guy who jet sets across the country tending to his various causes, giving inspirational speeches, hobnobbing with politicians, and dating actresses. It’s partly a biography of where Lance has been, and an inside look of where he wants to go, with a hint of some very ambitious plans for the future.

Considering all the speculation surrounding him yesterday, I found one quote particularly interesting. Lance says, at one point in the article, “‘m glad I’m not cycling anymore,” Armstrong says. “It was fun while it lasted, and I liked it, but I’m so focused on other things now that I never think about it.” Hmm… doesn’t sound like a guy who is planning a come back, although his advisors have remained quiet today on the subject of his return.

This is a good story, with a nice update for fans of Lance who have wondered what he’s been up to since he retired. He’s still a larger than life, iconic figure, and interest is high in just about any project he turns his focus on. I’m not sure if we’ll ever see him ride again, but it is good to see him taking such an active role in his top causes, while still finding time to enjoy his life.

Kraig Becker

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