LeMond vs. Lance: Round 50?

I hesitate to post yet another cycling story, as it seems to have dominated this blog of late, but I’ve posted on Greg LeMond several times recently, and his issues with Lance Armstrong and Trek bikes, so I thought this was yet another odd follow-up to that continued animosity.

It seems that while at Interbike, Lance was holding a press conference to give more details on his return to competitive cycling. He was also there to discuss his plans to have Don Catlin, a specialist in anti-doping procedures, test him as his comeback commences and he continues to race. The idea being that Lance will prove to all of his doubter that he is riding clean.

So, who do you think was sitting in the front row for this press conference? If you guess Greg LeMond, you win a prize! Lance acknowledged the three time Tour de France winner by saying: “I see Mr. Greg LeMond is here” without a lot of surprise in his voice, and he then went on to give LeMond the first question when he opened it up to the floor.

According to this story LeMond grilled both Lance and Catlin about the testing procedures they would use, before calling into question their techniques, and calling it not comprehensive enough. When the discussion ran too long, Lance thanked LeMond for being there, and moved on to other questions regarding his comeback and other topics.

The Outside Blog later quotes LeMond as saying: “His return is not good news. It’s like a nightmare, that we have lived through all these years, returning.” in reference to Lance’s comeback. Sheesh Greg! Don’t mince words. Tell us what you really think!

In the article I posted earlier today about Contador’s role on Team Astana with Lance added to the mix, I called the whole story a big soap opera. When I wrote that, I had no idea how accurate it really was. As a fan of the sport, it’s tough watching two guys I admire, jab at each other so publicly.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “LeMond vs. Lance: Round 50?”

  1. To each his own, but I stopped admiring Greg Lemond a LONG time ago.

    he’s a very bitter person who shows NO respect for Armstrong or cycling.

  2. Yeah, he does come across a bit bitter and jealous of Lance’s success, both on and off the bike. But I remember him winning his first tour and he was a real inspiration to me when I was younger. I think it’s sad that America’s two premiere cyclists have this antagonism, but I still admire what they’ve bot done on the bike.

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