Mike Horn Kicks Off Pangaea Expedition

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Explorer Mike Horn, best known for his polar expeditions, has set off on a new journey. One that he hopes will inspire the todays youth and educate them about the world around us.

Dubbed the Pangaea Expedition, this new adventure is scheduled to take Mike around the globe, as he explores the natural wonders of the world around us. Scheduled to last four years, Pangea will see the South African exploring the oceans, climbing mountains, delving deep into jungles, and much much more.

This has been a dream expedition for Mike for some time, and he’s been working towards it for years. To that end, he has built a ship, named the Pangaea, that will safely see him to the ends of the Earth, and allow us to come along for the ride. According to his website, more than 22,000 design hours have gone into Pangaea and from the beginning it has been designed to provide for long term sustainability both for it’s crew and the environment around it. Stretching 35 meters (115 feet) in length, she’ll sleep 30 crew members and be able to stay at sea for weeks at a time. The ship also uses a recycled aluminum hull, BlueTec engines, and solar panels to further enhance it’s status as a “green” vessel. It’s also outfitted with the latest communications equipment with the intention of making regular dispatches back to the rest of us who are chained to our desks.

The expedition got underway just a few days ago, with the Pangaea departing from New York. The ship will now sail for Punta Arenas, Chile with the intention of heading further south to Antarctica after that. To kick-off the journey, Mike has conducted an interview with National Geographic Adventure, which has been posted to their Adventure Blog today. In the interview, he discusses the origins of his adventure, more about the ship, and what he hopes to accomplish as he travels and explores over the next four years.

What an awesome expedition. I wonder if Mike could use an onboard blogger to write about his adventures. I’d love to be a part of something like this. It must be an incredible feeling to be able to set out on a four year journey, and visiting those far off places. Good luck Mike and crew! We’ll be watching.

Kraig Becker

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  1. drop mike a line, you can maybe join for a part of the trip. Show him your blog, tell him it’s read by a lot of people.

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