New REI Store Opens In My Backyard!!

The Gear Junkie has a cool article up about the new REI store that opened today in Round Rock, TX. The new store is only the second of what is being billed as their “prototype stores” in the entire country, the other being in Boulder, Colorado.

The focus of the design of this new retail outlet is to be as “Green” as possible. It adheres to the LEED standard of architectural design, and is expected to consume 48% less energy than a typical store of it’s size. The store uses recycled materials when ever possible, and uses innovative designs, such as automated lighting that dims and brightens as necessary to help offset energy costs and usage. Of course, the interior will still contain all the REI goodness that we’ve all come to know and love.

The grand opening celebration isn’t until this weekend, and I plan to swing by on Friday night when Pete Athans will be on hand to open the doors. Nothing like having a seven time Everest summitteer hanging out in the store. They’re also giving away all kinds of gear and other swag all weekend long too. The store opening is a bit of a good news bad news thing for me though. The good news is, I will now have one of the premiere REI stores in the entire country just five minutes from my place. The bad new is that my wallet may suffer the consequences.

Kraig Becker

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