Patagonia’s The Tin Shed

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Check out this cool site, from outdoor gear company Patagonia, designed to not only promote their products and sponsored athletes, but also appeal to our sense of adventure.

The site is called The Tin Shed, so named for the original tin shack that Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard, and his crew, built their first gear items in. With those humble beginnings, a gear empire was formed, and from that little shed, man adventures were launched.

Clicking on “the shed” takes you inside, virtually of course, where you’ll find stories of adventure from all over the world from Patagonia athletes and ambassadors. Some are already completed, while others are yet to come, such as the Fall 2008 attempt at the first ascent on K7 or the completion of the Torre Traverse in the companies namesake location. You’ll also find a sprinkling of gear plugs, a history of the shed, and more.

The site is very slick and fun to play with, with a very unique feel. Even though you know they’re still trying to sell you gear, you still can’t help but explore the corners of the little shack. Besides, at least they’re trying to sell us some really great gear. 🙂

Thanks to the Outdoorzy Blog for tipping me off to this one. Cool site!

Kraig Becker

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