Travel Writers Share Their ‘Best Adventure Ever’

Another cool article from Forbes Traveler today, this time with with travel writers sharing their Best Adventures Ever.

Amongst the writers sharing their all time top favorite trips are Berne Broudy, who lists kayaking the Mongolia’s Zavkhan Province as her top adventure, and Kate Siber, who counts backcountry skiing the Wapta Traverse in Alberta, Canada as her personal favorite. Vagabonder Rolf Potts recommends surfing and diving Fernando de Noronha in Brazil for an adventurous getaway, while Will Gadd found that paragliding over the Grand Canyon floated his boat.

There are others of course, and most of them have great adventures to share. While the article did get me thinking about my next adventure, it mostly made me jealous that these writers get paid to travel to these exotic locations and write about them. I need a gig like that!! 🙂 So, what’s your best adventure ever??

(By the way, the story is written by Stephen Regenold, the Gear Junkie himself)

Kraig Becker

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