Ueli Gives the Details on “Paciencia”

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Speaking of the Eiger, a few weeks back I posted about Ueli Steck opening a new route on the mountain with climbing partner Stephan Siegrist. The new route was named “Paciencia” , which means patience, which is the virtue Ueli needed to complete the route, considering he free climbed the entire thing.

Today, he’s submitted a post to the Mountain Hardwear Blog with more details on the climb and some photos as well.

The origins of the route date back to 2003, when Ueli and Stephan spent much of their summer on the Eiger’s North Face. It was then that the began to hatch a plan to free climb the Eiger along a different route. Fast forward five years, and they’ve finally completed it, but it certainly wasn’t easy. Ueli talks about the route, the challenges it presented, and the feelings of accomplishment that he felt upon finally completing it.

It’s another very compelling read from a supremely gifted climber.

Kraig Becker

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