Ultralight Day Hikes

Backpacker has posted a few simple tips to help us go fast and light even on our day hikes. I tend to generally go light when I day hike regardless, but it never hurts to have some new ideas on how to cut weight.

Their tips most involve new, lighter gear. For instance, they recommend the GoLight Wisp pullover jacket, which weights just 3 oz and packs down incredibly small. It’ll protect you well from the wind and sun, and even light rain, and doesn’t take up too much space in your backpack when you’re not wearing it.

Next the attention turns to our feet, where heavy boots can really put a crimp in your all day hikes. Sometimes even light hikers are too much if the trail is well defined and smooth, which is why Backpacker recommends the Hi-Tec V-Lite Trail Eruption trail running shoes. Light weight and breathable, the Trail Eruptions still offer plenty of support for your feet and tip the scales at about 1 pound 10 oz for a pair. That’s considerably less than my serious hiking boots.

Finally, they offer a solution for an ultralight backpack in the form of the Outdoor Research Dry Peak Bagger, which offers 1650 cubic inches of storage, while weighing just 9.6 oz. The pack will keep all your gear dry and will go light on your wallet as well, as it serves as a dry sack for your sleeping back too. At $49 it’s kind of a steal.

Great gear tips for helping us shed weight on the trail. Of course, there is always new gear just around the corner that’s going to be lighter ad offer more features, but that’s just the way things operate in the world of outdoor products.

Kraig Becker

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