Why Is Lance Returning To Cycling?

lance armstrong1
OutDoorzy is conducting a poll to find out why it’s members believe Lance Armstrong is getting back into cycling after three years on the couch.

There are ten choices to choose from, ranging from “To Win the Tour de France… again!” and “To Raise Awareness for Cancer” to “World Domination” and “To Meet Hot Chicks”. (Lord knows Lance sure needs help in that deparment) Judging from the responses of the Outdoorzy Members who have voted so far, there could be any number of reasons why he’s decided to come out of retirement.

Personally, I chose the “He’s Bored” option. I know that Lance has kept himself busy with his various causes, running in marathons, and dating celebrities, but until he got on the bike to compete at Leadville, he hadn’t really found something to throw his competitive spirit into. Lance claims that Leadville fired up his will to compete again, and that was ultimately what pushed him over the top. Besides, he came in second in that 100 mile mountain bike race, and we all know how much Lance hates coming in second.

Head on over and weigh in with your thoughts on why you believe Lance is coming back. Then stayed tuned for next week, when he intends to give us the details on his return. Should be interesting.

Kraig Becker

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