A $13,000 Mountain Bike??

While reading the mountain biking site FeedTheHabit.com earlier I came across this article on the 2009 Scott Genius Limited, a mountain bike with an epic MSRP of $13,224.99 (Thank goodness this thing comes in under $13,225!)

Feed The Habit takes a good look at what the bike has to offer, and speculates if it’s worth the price. I’m not sure how it could be, but it does boast some pretty impressive tech, including state of the art shocks and breaks, carbon fiber forks, along with just about everything else on the bike, and single piece construction of the body. The Genius Limited weighs in at just 4.05 lbs for the frame alone, and a shade under 23 pounds when fully assembled.

Those are indeed some fancy specs, and the weight is impressive, but $13,000? As the article says, you can 4 2009 Kona Dawg Deluxe trail bikes for this price, and that Kona is a nice ride, with it’s own hefty price tag of $2999!

Personally, I don’t have the skill level (or bank account!) to ever justify a bike that costs more than $13k. At that price point you aren’t competing with other bikes, but small cars! Still, I’d love to take one of these for a test ride to see how it performs. I’d imagine there are top riders out there who would say it’s worth every penny, but with this burgeoning economic crisis, that Kona is looking more cost effective. Or maybe that Huffy…


5 thoughts on “A $13,000 Mountain Bike??”

  1. Are you kidding ME?! My first BRAND NEW CAR cost less than that bike. Sheesh! Must be for the non-economically challenged. Which rules me out.
    -The Practical One…

  2. Well, yeah, it’s a bit on the pricey side, but it is a “Limited” edition. It says so right in the name!!

  3. WHAT IF they hit a vulgar rock? A ’85 pick up bumper? or, forgot to lock it up and ended in a thief’s ‘patio’ -for the kids- ’cause it looks just like a BIKE…

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