20 Reasons To Visit Morocco

Morocco has always spawned images of adventure for me. The North African country just seems like the perfect place to go for an adventurous outing, and it was often the location for action films and novels about adventurous travelers seeking fame and fortune. Because of that, I’ve always wanted to visit their, roam the streets of Casablanca, and explore ancient marketplaces.

Well, now The Guardian has come up with 20 more reasons to visit Morocco, and most of them still inspire that sense of adventure. The article has recommendations for the best “City Breaks”, lists the up and coming destinations, and recommends a number of interesting adventures for travelers.

For instance, they note that trekking in the Atlas Mountains offers the opportunity to visit Berber villages, that have remained unchanged for hundreds of years, and although you wouldn’t normally think of it, you can also ski in the high mountains as well. Travel to the desert regions of Morocco though, and a host of new adventures open up, including camel treks in the sahara, as well as the opportunity to visit off the beaten path villages.

So, if you’re looking for a destination that combines culture, adventure, and history all in one, you could do worse than Morocco. Drop by Merrikhsh to haggle in the bazaars, trek the high mountains, ride a camel through the desert, and don’t forget to stop by Rick’s while you’re in Casablanca. 😉

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “20 Reasons To Visit Morocco”

  1. Those places are mentioned in the article that I linked to, so the Guardian agrees with you that they’re great places to visit!

    Sounds like you had a blast and you went to Rick’s too! 🙂

  2. Ah, yeah, didn’t read the full article. They pretty much hit the nail on the head. Hope you you get a chance to go!

  3. I definitely plan on going. Just a matter of when! 🙂 So many places to see, so little time. (and money!)

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