24-Hours of Moab Race Report

This past weekend the 24-hours of Moab mountain bike race went down in, where else, Moab, Utah. Known as one of the toughest races around the event draws several hundred riders from around the world, who compete against one another in a 24-hour long race that becomes a duel of both skill and endurance.

World-famous endurance athlete Rebecca Rusch was on hand and competed with the Specialized Designs for Women team. She has since written a great post-race report for MountainBike.com in which she shares her experience at the event. As a professional rider, she has some great insights into what goes down at a race like this one, and now she’s off to IronBiker, the biggest mountain bike race in Brazil.

The results of the 24-hours of Moab looked like this: The Monavie/Cannondale Pro team took first place with the Pro Cycling Team and the Kuhl and Scott Bikes Team taking second and third, respectively. Josh Tostado took home first place honors in the Men’s Solo category, and Jari Kirkland won the Solo Women’s bracket.

Completing Moab as part of a team is a challenging experience. The race keeps going day or night. But racing solo has to be a total grind, and I’m impressed with the riders who manage to finish, let alone place at the top.

This was the 14th annual race, and for a grand total, the riders managed to complete 4578 laps, for a total distance of nearly 68,258 miles, with an elevation gain of 6,226,080 feet! Pretty impressive numbers.


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