50 Top Eco-Lodges From Adventure

lodge savanna
National Geographic Adventure has come up with a great way to present their list of the Top 50 Ecolodges from around the World. This interactive map shows lodges on six continents (sorry, no eco-lodges in Antarctica yet), and clicking on one of the tiny dots presents a pop-up box with the name of the country, and a link to reviews on the particular lodge that made the list form that location. There is also a link to a photo gallery to give you an even better idea of what to expect at this amazing locations.

The article defines an “ecolodge” as being an “Earth-Friendly Retreats in the World’s Most Spectacular Wilds”, and from what I can tell, the lodges selected to the list easily fit that description. For example, clicking on the yellow dot in Brazil reveals the Caiman Ecological Refuge, which is an ecologically sound cattle ranch in the Pantanal region. Click on the dot in Jordan, and you’ll learn about the Wadi Feynan Ecolodge, a 116 square mile preserve protecting rare wildlife such as the sand cat and Syrian wolf.

If the global view on the interactive map offers you too m any choices, perhaps narrowing your scope will make things easier. Across the top you can select from the different continents, and the map will zoom in give you a more close up view, and making it easier to click on the individual dots. This also helps in trip planning if you were thinking of visiting a specific region, and wanted to check your options for that place.

This is another great resource for travelers thinking about their next adventure. The brief reviews and photos are just enough to entice you to find out more, and Google is just a few clicks away to help you find even more. So many places, so little time…

Kraig Becker