Animal Planet Presents Living with the Wolfman

Animal Planet is launching a new television show next week called Living with the Wolfman famed wolf expert Shaun Ellis and his fiancee Helen Jeffs, as Shaun attempts to integrate the woman he loves into the wolf pack he has become a part of.

Ellis is well known for his ground breaking studies on the behavior of wolves, even though his tactics for collecting his research are a bit unorthodox. The “Wolfman” has joined a protected pack in the Combe Martin Wildlife Park in Devon, England, and has successfully managed to integrate into the group, where he has lived, eaten, and slept for years.

Now however, Shaun has fallen in love and will try to introduce Helen to his pack mates. Over the course of the show, we’ll see how the other wolves react to this newcomer to their group, and while she learns what it’s like to live with the pack as well. The story begins next Tuesday, Oct. 21st, at 10 PM Eastern/9 Central.

For a preview, check out this clip below:

Kraig Becker

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  1. Yeah, should be fun to see what it takes to get the pack to accept her. DVR set!

    All these great shows to watch, and not enough time to watch them!

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