Himalaya Update: Nives Nabs Manaslu

More from ExWeb today regarding the summits on Manaslu, where more teams continue to top out, although it is unclear at this point how many have reached the main summit, and how many have turned back at the secondary peak.

Probably the biggest story of the day is that Nives Meroi and her husband Romano Benet reached the summit about an hour behind Edurne Pasaban’s team. This gives Nives her 11th 8000 meter peak, tying her with Edurne, and Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner. That leaves the ladies with just three more peaks to go to see he who will become the first to nab all the 8-thousanders. The way things are going, it seems it’ll be a neck and neck race down to the end, although I think they’d all say that they’re climbing for themselves and not in competition with one another.

It would be great if the three ladies could finish out together, on the same team, but unfortunately there isn’t a single peak left that they all have in common, so while they’ll all likely be in the Himalaya together over the next couple of seasons, they’ll have to settle for a photo op down at the Rum Doodle instead.

Kraig Becker

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