The New Natural Wonders

Forbes Traveler has compiled a list of the New Natural Wonders and How to Visit Them that highlights the must see places around the planet that are amongst the top locations in the world to get back to nature.

The list is made up of a number of very cool places to visit, some well known, and others not so much. For example, Sanqingshan National Park in China makes the list, as does the Swiss Tectonic Area Sardona. Both of which are lesser known, but quite accessible, and offer some stunning views and opportunities to adventurous travelers.

Other cool locations making the list include Socotra Archipelago, known as the โ€œGalapagos of the Indian Oceanโ€ and the Monarch Butterfly Reserve in Mexico City, which offers visitors a chance to frolic amongst hundreds of thousands of monarch butterflies.

Another list for adventure travelers to expand their options with.

Kraig Becker