Offroading The Lions Back

Ever wonder what it must be like to go down the Lion’s Back, a legendary offroad trail in Moab, Utah? (Pictured here) To take this ride, first you have to go up the sandstone cliff, then make a tight turn at the top, before returning the way you came. The slope is said to vary between 25 and 65 degrees, and has been known to destroy the breaks on more than one vehicle.

Apparently, the Lions Back falls on private property and is now closed to the general public, but it looks like quite a ride, as youc an see from the video below.

First Person Perspective Going Down The Lions Back Moab UT. – video powered by Metacafe

Thanks to Team Geared Up!

Kraig Becker

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  1. The first time we were canyoneering there we saw some modified jeeps up on this and couldn’t believe it! One almost fell off.
    Just another kind of amazing adventure!

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