Red Bull Asks “Can You Make It?”

Ok. Here’s an odd little adventure, that sounds like fun if for nothing else then for it’s unique approach. It seems that Red Bull, the ubiquitous energy drink, has put together a race across Europe that will have the contestants setting out from various locations with nothing but cans of Red Bull to use a currency.

On October 24th, 250 teams of three, consisting mostly of college students, will set out on the Can You Make It Challenge. The teams will set off from five different cities, Madrid, Rome, Budapest, Berlin and Manchester, with the goal of reaching Paris by 6 PM on October 31st. They’ll be allowed to take any route or mode of transportation that they choose, with one teeny-tiny little rule. When they get to the starting line, they’ll have to forfeit all cash, credit cards, and cell phones, and will instead be given a map and a predetermined amount of the energy drink.

From there they’ll hit the road with nothing but their wits and Red Bull to help them survive the pitfalls of Western Europe. They’ll have to pass through several designated checkpoint, where they’ll restock on Red Bull. But, this race isn’t just about who reaches the finish line the fastest. The eventual winner will be decided by the number of checkpoints they pass through, miles they’ve traveled, and votes they receive on the Internet.

Looks like a fun trip. Almost like a mini Amazing Race. Unfortunately they’re not taking any more teams from the U.S. at this time though. Sure, it’s a bit of a gimmicky promotion by an energy drink, but it still looks like fun! I’d love to hit the road with a couple of good friends on a race like this. Checkout the promo video below for a hint of what the teams can expect.

Kraig Becker

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