Richard Branson Attempts Record Atlantic Crossing, Fails

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While I was off the grid last week, it seems that Richard Branson set off from New York in an attempt to break the trans-Atlantic crossing record in a 99-foot yacht named the Virgin Money. He had hoped to challenge the current record of 6 days, 17 hours, 39 minutes, 52 seconds. Unfortunately, his hopes were dashed thanks to foul weather.

The attempt was two years in the planning, and the crew of experience sailors snuck out of New York ahead of schedule, in an attempt to beat an incoming storm. But just two days and four hours into the run, the attempt was scrubbed, thanks to 40 foot waves and gale force winds, which damaged the main sale and left the ship floundering in the Atlantic.

On the official Virgin Money website, the latest update reports that the crew was excited about the possibilities of the ships performance, but frustrated with the conditions they were forced to race through. Starting late in the season, they expected it to be a challenging go, but it was even worse than expected. The ship limped into a harbor in Bermuda for repairs last Friday.

No word yet on if they’ll give it another shot, but my guess is that they’ll regroup and try again next year. After all, what else would Branson do with a big boat like that? I mean, I’m sure it set him back a lot of money, and lord knows he doesn’t have enough to spare.

Kraig Becker

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