Top Seas Kayaking Destinations in Baja

Paddler Magazine has put together the Top 9 Baja Sea Kayak Getaways with tips for the best places to go on a paddling vacation south of the border.

The article suggests that now that the winter months are not that far off (come on guys, Fall just got here!) that we might be looking to escape the cold weather and go some place warm for our aquatic fun. To that end, they suggest Baja, with it’s miles of beaches, amazing water, and completely laid back culture.

Amongst their top places to paddle in the region are the Sea of Cortez, which is notable for it’s vast amount of marine life and it’s hidden bays, islands, and caves. Perfect for the the person who wants to explore by kayak. If that doesn’t meet your needs then try Loreto’s Gulf Islands, which has earned the reputation of being “Mexico’s Galapagos”. They describe San Quintin Bay as a mix of wilderness and civilization, which may be more the speed you’re looking for. Paddle and explore by day, then return to port at night to party and indulge yourself with the finer things.

Overall, the article makes it very enticing to plan a Baja getaway this year. Each section gives information on how long you should plan to stay, what you should expect, and how much you will be spending. I guess despite he fact that fall has just arrived, it’s never too early to start planning that winter escape.

Kraig Becker

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