Yeti Footprints??

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Way back in August, I mentioned a Japanese team that was headed for Dhaulagiri to search for the mythical Yeti, or abominable snowman, an ape like creature that is said to live in the remote and high regions of the HImalaya. At the time, I noted that they were taking all kinds of high tech gear to find their prey, in hopes of proving to the world, once and for all, that the creature actually exists.

Well, it seems they may have found something. According to this story at the Daily Mail, team leader Yoshiteru Takahashi claims that they have found footprints of the Yeti in the snows near Dhaulagiri IV, where the team spent 42 days hoping to have the snowman trigger one of their motion activated cameras. Failing to catch the big guy on film however, they settled for the next best thing, amongst cryptozoologists it seems, in tracks in the snow.

Well, I suppose that looks a bit like a track. Maybe if you squint real hard. It certainly does look like snow in any event, with some kind of depression in it that could have been made by nearly anything. Takahashi has vowed to return to Dhaula, where he claims to have seen the Yeti back in 2003, until he finds proof of it’s existence. Maybe he’s just hoping to cash in on e-bay, like those other famous monster hunters.

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Kraig Becker

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