ARWC Update: Orion Health In Command!

If you’re wondering what’s going on at the AR World Championship currently underway at the Ecomotion in Brazil, head on over to SleepMonsters for all the latest news.

There were two updates posted so far today, one that gives some insights on how Nike lost ground to Orion Health and another on the leaders setting out on a sailing stage this morning. It seems that Nike fell to second place but were hard after Orion on the bikes, even closing the gap o them before getting quite lost in the dark last night. At one point, Team Sole passed them on the trail, and reading about the events are quite interesting. Nike managed to get to the next CP in second place however, before starting the sailing stage this morning.

Update: Judging from the photos on the Ecomotion website, it looks like Orion has won, and Sole has taken second. Can’t wait to hear more about how it played out. Congrats! Huge win for Orion, the new AR World Champs. Now come to Primal Quest Badlands and give Nike a run for it’s money there too!
A quick look at the leaderboard shows that Sole is currently in second place however, and Nike is back in third, a place they are very unaccustomed to being in. Seems like it’s been a great race so far, and should be interesting down the stretch.

Kraig Becker

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