From South Dakota? Want To Race in Primal Quest?

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I just posted this story over at the Primal Quest website as well, but it seems that PQ management is seeking a local team from the state of South Dakota, to sponsor in next year’s race.

The team selected will gain entry into the biggest adventure race on the planet, but their are a couple of qualifications that they’ll need to meet. First, all of the racers will have to be current residents of South Dakota. From there, they’ll have to submit an essay spilling the details on why they would make a good representative for the state in Primal Quest 2009.

As I noted in the post on the PQ site, no host team has ever completed the race, and we’re hoping that next year we’ll break that streak. It won’t be easy though, as the course is 600 miles in length, making the the longest Primal Quest ever. Teams will battle it out in the Badlands and Black Hills, running, peddling, and paddling their way through some amazing backcountry. Along the way, they’ll mix in some climbing and caving as well, not to mention navigation, which is poised to play it’s biggest role in a Primal Quest ever.

So, prospective teams should gather up their gear, start training now, and sharpen their pencils to get started on that essay. (And I bet you thought you were done with those after college!) For more information on the sponsorship, go to this story, in the Rapid City Journal, or drop an e-mail to Rick Emerson at

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “From South Dakota? Want To Race in Primal Quest?”

  1. A.J. – did you notice that the Primal Quest Sprint Series has been cancelled? I heard that they weren’t attracting enough teams.

    Do you know or have you heard anything more? Seems like they really didn’t give it enough time to pick-up “critical mass”.


  2. Yeah, I’m not privy to all the particulars on that one, but from what I understand, the series has been, at the very least, shelved.

    I believe the events were a victim of low registration numbers and the economic conditions we’re living in right now, sadly enough.

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