Gear Up For Winter!

While readers in the Southern Hemisphere are breaking out their warm weather gear, hear in the north we’re bracing for winter. (Well, not so much here in Austin!) For many of us, cold weather doesn’t mean we sit inside until the spring thaw, but instead we pick out the right gear, layer up, and head out to play in the cold and the snow.

To that end, PlanetFear has put together a nice little winter gear guide recommending lots of great outdoor products for the months ahead. Be warned ahed of time, the site is a gear shop, so they are more apt to recommend items they carry of course. But they are also a nice source of info and stories on climbing, hiking, and other outdoor pursuits, and this guide makes a nice place to start if you’re looking to update your gear. The site is also based in the U.K., which means that not all the gear will be available elsewhere, although something equivalent should be.

Much of the gear they recommend comes from Arc’teryx, who makes really great stuff. Very high quality and durable. I do think they are a bit on the expensive side though. At least here in the States. I can foten find similar gear from Mountain Hardwear or North Face for considerably less money, without giving up much in the way of quality.

Overall though, this is a really great list of gear for winter activities. The links to the items all go to the PlanetFear Store, but other than that they don’t push their store on you, and instead just offer up great suggestions and insights into where and when those items will be useful.

Perhaps those antarctic explorers I posted about below could use some of this stuff! 😉

Kraig Becker

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